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Is your BCM Framework really where your team would look for guidance in an emergency?

Having a business continuity plan to protect people, assets and your business when disaster strikes is essential, but in the heat of the moment when responding to a crisis you need everyone to understand and act on the plan. 

Too often, this plan ends up being a document stored on your local network, which may not be the first place your team really looks for guidance. 

Additionally, the older the plans for resilience are, the higher the risk they no longer align with rules, controls or policies defined in dependent areas of your organisation. 

Is pulling the plug your best response?

Responding to emergencies, being resilient and returning to operations to normal is not getting any easier. You need to manage disruptions in your extended enterprise and not just in your own team. Cyber security has shot to the top of the list of likely disruptions for most organisations and simply pulling the plug has been proven as a highly inadequate response to an IT Security Event. 

Your business continuity framework needs to be closely aligned with dependent domains to make sure you have the right response, effective action and coordinated effort to maintain your operations. Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Response plans need to work seamlessly. Any misstep is likely to be highly amplified in social media and the 24/7 global news cycle.


Are there sufficient strategies for protecting data?


Are your people paid and taken care of in an emergency?


How vulnerable is your critical information?


Will you know if you are being hacked?


Are your vendors elevating your risk or helping you be resilient?


Do your physical security measures match continuity requirements?


Are you using all channels to get the right message to the right people?


Is your message always clear, truthful and on topic?

Alyne remains accessible, when parts of your organisation no longer are.

Alyne is a highly cost effective way of helping you make sure you’ve covered all your bases for Business Continuity, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery. Our innovative solutions provides you with a mature BCM capability in minutes. 

A highly accessible, secure and available platform across devices, platforms and locations to store your detailed continuity plans.

Fully detailed controls and rules for dependent domains such as Social Media, Data Retention and Backups, Cyber Security.

A streamlined workflow for assessing current maturity inside and outside your organisation.

Comprehensive set of curated BCM controls, adapted to your organisation and the foundation of your BCM Framework.

A full risk library making impact and probability of current weaknesses in your BCM framework transparent.

Mapping to industry standards.

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